Being Lutheran
Being Lutheran
#313 - SA 3.2, Part 1

In this episode, Adam, Brett, and Jason begin a new series examining Article 2 of Part 3 of the Smalcald Articles, which deals with the topic of the Law. We discuss the “functions of the Law” and Jason reveals his list of “purposes of the Law.”


  1. Brothers!
    #313 is such a great episode I had to re-listen to get my notes in the r right order:) You mentioned that you have previously made “3 Purposes and the 3 Functions of the Law” available for review. May I have a copy?
    I deal with a lot of guilt in shame in my ministry and I think that the way you presented this Law and Gospel makes a huge difference!
    Thanks once again.

    1. Barry,

      Thank you for the kind words. We’ve spoken about the 3 Purposes/Functions before on the podcast, but I talked about them somewhat in a class I taught this past summer. Once I know where the videos have been posted, I’ll post the link here.

  2. Not unlike the workings of the Holy Spirit on the Sundays when as a guitarist, despite or inspite of any amount of practise and proper maintenance of my guitar, I hit wrong chords or have wrong tuning or key. I hear the errors and cringe. Yet invariably, that will be the Sunday someone will tell me they enjoyed my playing. The Spirit allows me to note the errors, to challenge me to do better, but somehow masks the errors lest it distract the worshipper so that it still ministers to them. And yet has them minister back to me that despite or inspite of my failings, the Holy Spirit was still able to minister through me to others

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