Being Lutheran Podcast
Being Lutheran Podcast
#328 - Titus 3:3-7
The baptism of the eunich *oil on panel *63,5 x 48 cm *signed b.r.: RH 1626

In this episode, Adam, Brett, and Jason conclude their series examining Article 5 of Part 3 of the Smalcald Articles by doing a Bible study on Titus 3:3-7

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  1. I know I have shared this before, but we had two babies die as infants. Joel lived three days and died of genetic heart defects. We were not with him when he died as he was in the hospital and passed. We did not have the opportunity to baptize Joel, but we took him to church nine months before he was born. He heard the word of God. He was not intentionally denied baptism. We did not despise baptism. We believe he is in heaven with Jesus. This gives me comfort.

    Andrew was diagnosed with a condition not compatible with life. He had no lungs, just “buds”, so he would be able to live only until birth. He could not live for long after birth, but his heart beat for 31minutes.This time around, we sang to Andrew, anointed him with oil and baptized him. He also was taken to church for nine month before birth. We believe he also is in heaven with Jesus. This gives me comfort.

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