Being Lutheran Podcast
Being Lutheran Podcast
Ep. #267 - 1 Sam. 21:1-6

In this episode, Adam, Brett, and Jason continue their examination of Article 26 of the Augsburg Confession and Apology by doing a Bible study on 1 Sam. 21:1-6.

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  1. Guys! Why do you have to combine great content with the occasional ahistorical comment about us Calvinists? Calvinists were part of the Radical Reformation?! Where are you getting this stuff? I am starting to wonder if there is a Lutheran publication out there that has the historical accuracy about Calvinist at the Fundamentalist’s Trail of Blood is about Church history. I am guessing that the front cover of this mysterious book has a picture of a strawman shaped in the form of John Calvin.

    My understanding of The Radical Reformation is that it was actually started by Lutherans like Karlstadt and M√ľntzer and later led by non-Lutherans like the Zwickau prophets, the Anabaptist, the Hutterites, and the Mennonites with the worst of it being what happened at Munster under the leadership of John of Leiden. I am not aware of any of those people or groups ever being Calvinists at any point, much less at the time they participated in this movement. It would be more accurate historically, although just as wrong, to assert that Lutherans were part of the Radical Reformation. The reason it would be wrong is because at the time they were involved in the radical Reformation they were no longer Lutherans! Who is the person who participated in this movement that was a Calvinist when doing so?

    As always, I could be wrong about this, and I am willing to be corrected. So, please let me know on what basis you claim Calvinists were part of that wretched movement.

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